FAQ | Frequent questions

Here, you’ll find a list of most frequently asked questions asked by those who are interested in RSI. However, if you have a question that it is not listed below, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

What’s Ryve Sports Institute?

Ryve Sports Institute “RSI” is an e-learning platform, created with the mission to develop more and better sports, through the supply of tools necessary for achieve a better performance. We seek to offer development possibilities to people with limited time and mobility, with a great social commitment orienting our effort towards the education of people, based on a sportive approach.


What kind of courses do you supply?

Ryve Sports Insitute offers content in three basic formats: courses (1 month), Certificates (4 months) and Diplomas (8 months); that serve various specialties all part of our development and growth strategy. Our focus is on transforming the way we develop and acquire competencies. If you want to know the programs in detail go to the program catalog and select the topic of your interest.

How can I contact you?

If you want to communicate with us, we offer the following contact channels:
Email: [email protected]
Social networks: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ryvesportsinstitute


From which countries can I get access to RSI?

Ryve Sports Institute’s training programs are available to everyone, existing specific customized contents and expert support for some specific countries, according to our Training programs catalog.

What is the learning methodology like?

All our programs are 100% online and from our platform you can find all the content you need. This includes readings, recorded classes, self-assessments, forums and different resources to study from wherever you are. The design of each program is the convergence of three critical dimensions: individual / social impact, audience and content. The availability of technology is a powerful means to maximize the impact of what we do, but the key lies in the content, the methodology of approach and our community of experts. Classes and all content are available 24 hours a day, so you can enter at the time of day that suits you best.
Each module within the program has the support of a virtual teacher specialized in the subject, that will help you to deepen on the topics that you find of greater interest or utility.

Is it 100% On-line?

That’s right. Not only that the study material is on-line, but also the contact with the virtual teacher and the exams are carried out through the platform of Ryve Sports Institute. There are extracurricular activities that can be present to strengthen the learning and Networking.

How long do clases last?

Unlike a classroom learning, in which you have to attend on a certain day and time, at Ryve Sports Institute the study material is available on the platform 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you can enter at the time that suits you best. However, it is important that you know that each course (either individually or as part of a Certificate or Diploma) has a duration of one month, as well as the support and feedback of the virtual teacher. That’s why we recommend you spend at least an hour of study per day, or a fixed number of hours per week, so you can read / view all available material, participate in the forum and consult the teacher, to get to the examination part with the best possible preparation.

How can I access the material?

All study material is available on the Ryve Sports Institute platform. Once payment is done, you will receive an email with the necessary information to access the platform. Although you can access the material and go through the platform at all times, the options of forums, evaluations and contact with the virtual teacher are not enabled until the opening date of each course, following the pre-established schedule.


Are there any specific IT requirements?

Ryve Sports Institute runs the following internet browsers: Internet Explorer (version 8 or higher) Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera; with Windows, Mac OS, Tablet with iOS 4.2 (or higher) Tablet with Android 2.2 (or higher).


How long does it take to complete de programs?

Duration of programs depend particularly on each case: The courses have a month of duration. Certificates are 4 months in length (each certificate is made up of four courses lasting a month each).The diplomas are 8 months long (each diploma consists of eight courses lasting a month each).


Who are the teachers who dictate them?

Each Ryve Sports Institute program is developed by an expert on the subject, who uses our technology and methodology to achieve the desired impact. This expert is in charge of the entire content of the program and key interventions throughout the course. Together with him, the entire team of Ryve Sports Institute will accompany your tour throughout the program on a constant and permanent basis.


Is there anyone following my improvement?

Each course, either individually or as part of a certificate / diploma, has the support of a virtual teacher for the duration of the course (one month).

How do I communicate with the teacher?

Puedes realizar todo tipo de consultas a través del foro o del e-mail interno de la plataforma (en el momento que quieras), o a través del chat interno (en días y horarios previamente pactados por el profesor virtual).

¿How much must I score to pass?

To obtain the certificate / diploma of approval of your training program, you must obtain a score of 60% or more on the final exam of each of the courses. If you get a score of 59.99% or less, a “participation only” certificate / diploma will be issued.

¿Qué validez tienen?

Todos los programas de formación ofrecidos por Ryve Sports Institute están avalados por universidades, quienes verifican la adquisición de competencias y extienden la certificación correspondiente.

How do I get my Certificate?

Courses: They are generated automatically once you finish the same, either of participation or approval.
Professional Certificates: is generated automatically once you have completed and passed the final exam of the 4 courses that make up the Certificate.
Diploma: It is automatically generated once you have completed and passed the final exam of the 8 courses that make up the Diploma.
All certificates are only available in digital format in PDF format. You can access and download your certificates / certificates / diplomas by entering the platform in the “My certificates” section.

What personal information does the certificate have

The issued diploma contains the following information: Your first and last name. Your identity card. That you approbal / participation (depending on whether you approved or not) of the course / Certificate / Diploma. Place of issue of the certificate. Date. Signature of the corresponding authority depending on the university, institution or company that guarantees the acquisition of competences. Logo of the university, institution or company concerned.

When do classes start?

The begging dates of the courses, certificates and diplomas depend on the program you choose to do. For more information select the program of your interest.

What are the payment options? Can you pay in installments?

The available payment options depend on the country you subscribe from. We have quota financing schemes in many countries. We recommend you check them from the shopping cart available on the platform. The availability of financing and the number of fees will also depend on the payment method you choose.

Can I apply for a scolarship?

Currently we do not have a scholarship program, yet we do offer discounts for early registration.

Do I have to pay for registration?

The cost shown in the tab of each program is the total amount that you must pay. You do not have to pay any additional amount for enrollment, registration or examination fee.

Are there any special requirements?

Ryve Sports Institute’s training programs are aimed at those with some previous experience and who wish to deepen concepts, tools and techniques in a specific field. That way you can take advantage of the added value of the programs. As formal requirements, we require minimum age of 18 years old, complete required online forms and payment of the chosen program. You do not need to submit any documentation.

How can I pay for the program?

Payment for any Ryve Sports Institute training program is done online from the Ryve Sports Institute website. To start the purchase process, you must click on ADD TO CART, located on the product page of the program of your interest, and follow the steps that follow. If you have any doubts during the purchase process, you can request help through a chat window, from step 2 of the purchase process.