What Is Ryve Sports Institute?

Ryve Sports Institute (RSI) is our e-learning platform, whose mission is to boost the quality of sports teaching, which supplements technical/tactical knowledge with coaching tools that focus on the player's human profile.

Our Mission

We believe in the values of sport, which is why we aspire to make it possible for everyone to have the chance to do the sport they love. We seek to facilitate the resources necessary for sports development, from training to equipment and fundraising tools.

Online training, available to everyone without leaving home:

We are an online platform that provides chances for development to people with limited time and mobility.

Social commitment with a focus on the person:

Our commitment is social, and our efforts are aimed at training the person using sports as a starting point.

Multisports platform:

We offer access to an e-learning network with wide-ranging subject matter on current affairs of sports like rugby, soccer and baseball.

Athletes better connected among each other.

By participating they have the chance to contact other people and develop greater and better playing skills, while at the same time getting a return on their investment.

Our tools for your learning experience

Instructional model

  • Design

    A Starting out from a unique academic design, you take on an active role in the building of new knowledge.

  • Flexibility

    We help you promote your own professional development, providing you with the chance to study wherever and whenever you choose.

  • Content

    Relevant, updated, valuable and useful. Through the combination of your focus and our academic content and methodology, you will achieve your goals.

  • Service

    With our team’s support and active guidance, you’ll make the most of your time and effort in developing your potential.

  • Methodology

    Different instruments and learning techniques will help you fix concepts simply and swiftly.

  • Co-creation

    Boost your learning experience in collaboration with experts, tutors, and classmates from the world over.

The tutor will:

  • Propose activities to the student community for you to get to know your classmates.
  • Explain the content submitted by means of readings and videos.
  • Help you learn how to use the platform and make the most of the tools available to you.
  • Design activities so that you understand the concepts presented in the course better.
  • Keep you up to date on your progress throughout the course.
  • Explain course rules, evaluation criteria,and expectations regarding your participation in the activities proposed.
  • Advise you with regard to study techniques and ways of keeping up with the course.

We’ll be with you

The virtual tutor is responsible for getting you to reach the objectives laid down for the course or syllabus by encouraging a collaborative learning environment, providing you with orientation and support in overcoming difficulties.


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